What is Zipping for Autism?

Zipping for Autism is an annual autism fundraiser benefitting families and programs in Western North Carolina. Individuals and teams from businesses, organizations, or just friends raise money to support the cause and - when they reach the threshold of $800 as a team - the team gets to go Ziplining at the Adventure Center of Ashevlille!

All donations raised by participants—100 percent!—support people with autism and their families in Western North Carolina. Thanks to people like you, we have raised $250,000 to support our region!

Through partnerships with Camp Lakey Gap Autism Programs and Liberty Corner Enterprises, ZFA will increase access to programming and supports for the autistic population in WNC.

Summer of 2021


Summer of 2021, here we come! 

We are excited to announce the return of our event, now taking place on June 6, 2021. 

2020 was supposed to mark 10 years of Zipping for Autism;  but, well, 2020. 

We want a do-over! So now, we are proud to announce the (sort of) 10th annual Zipping for Autism!* Please join us in the celebration by forming or joining a team today!

*2020 may well be the year of the asterisk - we want to acknowledge the teams and participants who supported our fall fund drive. We are going to count their contributions toward the goal for summer of 2021 to fully acknowledge their effort. THANK YOU!!!


  • Wayne Felty Last month $26.25
  • Zachariah Humrich June 2021 $52.50
  • ZFA Donations June 2021 $239.00
  • Kristen Molina-Nauert June 2021 $20.00
  • Greta Byrd June 2021 $52.50
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  • Mosaic Pediatric Therapy Sponsorship provided by Mosaic Pediatric Therapy April 2021 $1,000.00
  • Beverly Hanks Sponsorship by Kelly Frady, Beverly Hanks Realty August 2020 $750.00
  • Glen Marlowe PTO Glen Marlowe PTO Cakewalk August 2020 $580.00
  • Tom Robertson Sean white teams May 2021 $525.00
  • Anonymous You’re an amazing person with a huge heart! I sincerely hope this helps you and your cause! November 2020 $525.00
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How Do I Participate?

Glad you asked!

The basics are simple: Get a team of up to 10 people together, raise some money, and enjoy a Ziplining Canopy Tour and/or a Climb through the Treetops Adventure Park at the Adventure Center of Asheville!

There are 4 primary ways to participate:

1. To Get Started, Register Your Team Through this website! Once your team is registered, you can start adding members and raising money right away!

2. No Team? NO PROBLEM! Proceeds from ALL Zipline or Adventure tours on June 6 go to Zipping for Autism! To register as an individual or to simply pay up front for a small group, Go To the Adventure Center of Asheville website and register for a tour on June 6, 2021 (only proceeds from June 6 will go to ZFA, so make sure you are booking on that date!)

2. Donate to a participant or a team, click Donate and search for the team that you want to get credit for your donation and, thus, closer to the prize of a free Zipline or Adventure Park tour! 

3. Become an Event Sponsor. Learn about the benefits of Sponsorship (Besides a tremendous feeling of satisfaction!). Check out our sponsor page to see our community partners!


Media Sponsor

iHeartMedia Asheville

Area Sponsors

Adventure Center of Asheville


Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville

Mosaic Pediatric Therapy

Tree-Platform Sponsors

Kelly Frady, Broker, Beverly Hanks Realty

Additional Support

THANK YOU to Biscuit Head, Blue Moon Water, Ingles, and Joey's Bagel's for providing nourishment for our volunteers and staff through their generous food donations!





of your goal reached

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