Surf to save lives!!!

Hey there People Who Surf fans, I wanted to let you know how excited I am to be taking part in this year's 100 Wave Challenge on September 21, down in San Diego. This is the largest fund-raising event of the year for Boys to Men Mentoring, a life-altering program for at-risk kids that's dear to my heart. It was co-founded by a San Diego surfer named Joe Sigurdson back in 1996, and chapters have sprung up all over the globe since.
You'll be able to hear Sigurdson's incredible life story on my podcast very soon, and you'll hear from 22-year-old Joe Ross, one of the many kids who admits he was an angry, hot-headed thug very likely headed for jail when he met Sigurdson. Ten years later, he's an amazing mentor himself. The Boys to Men Mentoring program has saved hundreds (if not thousands) of lives, and I can't begin to tell you how encouraging their success is. School administrators shed happy tears when their programs are implemented. Kids who take part end up with 27% better grades and have 85% fewer disciplinary issues.

Boys to Men Mentoring is already working with more than 35 schools in San Diego County, providing more than 1000 troubled boys (usually lacking a father or mother) the support and guidance needed to help them make good decisions. To that end, I'm creating a People Who Surf Team for fans of my podcast to join or support. You can donate to the cause, come volunteer on the beach, or join me in the water and raise money yourself.  Either way, your help will do some serious good.

I'll be busy recruiting as many people as possible this summer, and I hope you'll join me, and surfers like Shaun Tomson, Matt Archbold, Damien and CJ Hobgood, Josh Kerr, and hundreds more who will be there. It's a super fun day at the beach where the food and drinks are free and the vibes are incredible. Please come take part and help save some lives. Sign up now!!

My team page:

Thanks so much for your support! Chris Mauro

I am taking the 100 Wave Challenge by attempting to catch 100 waves in ONE DAY and raise $1,000 for a remarkable organization called Boys to Men Mentoring.

Boys to Men Mentoring (BTM) is a group mentoring program working to connect hundreds of teenage boys to positive male role models they can depend on. BTM programs include weekly, in-school group mentoring, retreat weekends, beach trips, and other activities all geared to improve each boy's overall self-esteem, critical thinking skills, and self-accountability.

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Please consider making a donation to my page and help me support these young men who are working to be the best they can be!

Thank you for your support.

What is Boys to Men Mentoring?

More About Boys to Men


When Boys to Men Mentoring began in 1996, the devastation of fatherlessness on our community fueled their desire to support fatherless teenage boys as they transitioned into adulthood. A boy without a dad in his life is disproportionately more likely to drop out of high school, end up in prison, and commit suicide. Since then, BTM has grown to provide weekly mentorship to teenage boys from all walks of life looking for positive men empower them to be the best they can be.

Today, BTM facilitates weekly group mentoring at over 36 middle and high schools across San Diego County for over 800 teenage boys. To learn more, please visit

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  • Chris Mauro Bushy! Thanks for donating to this wonderful cause! September 2019 $1,000.00
  • Jefferson Bush September 2019 $525.00
  • Chris Mauro September 2019 $500.00
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  • Chris Mauro September 2019 $2,625.00
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  • Chris Mauro September 2019 $2,625.00
  • Chris Mauro Bushy! Thanks for donating to this wonderful cause! September 2019 $1,000.00
  • Jefferson Bush September 2019 $525.00
  • Chris Mauro September 2019 $500.00
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