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The Problem

  • The number of boys growing up without fathers or positive male role models in their lives has reached epidemic proportions.
  • Boys without fathers or positive role models in their lives are 10x more likely to abuse drugs / alcohol, have school disciplinary incidences, drop out of school, or commit suicide than boys with fathers / mentors in their lives.
  • 26 out of the last 27 mass shooters on the US Mainland grew up in fatherless households.

Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii tackles the problem at the core, sitting weekly in Group Mentoring circles in middle and high schools across Hawaii, helping create a safer community.  Boys in our program grow into young men, connected to the community, living lives of service and purpose.  

We have a proven community-based, in school, group mentoring approach to producing real change with boys on their journey to becoming men.  We are excited to expand our program to the schools on Oahu.  Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii works with boys to learn accountability, integrity, responsibility, nonviolent communication and community service. 

Our community mentoring approach is drawing high praise from school counselors, principals, administrators and teachers for its documented ability to improve the academic performance, attendance and attitude, and reduce discipline issues, expulsion and dropout rates, of their most at-risk boys.

Boys to Men Mentoring is committed to supporting the at-risk boys in our programs that need the mentoring to stay in school, stabilize their grades, eliminate the bullying and being bullied and to graduate. Mahalo for your involvement, assistance and support in healing our community. It all starts with our Keiki.

Boys to Men Mentoring Hawaii

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