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2019 Million Dollar Bike Ride Description

Join Team FD as we fight back against fibrous dysplasia/McCune-Albright syndrome (FD/MAS).

This is our 5th year participating in the Million Dollar Bike Ride with Cindi Brandt Levin and the Levin Family as our Team Captains.

FD/MAS is a rare and debilitating disease that has no FDA-approved treatment. It causes bone tumors to grow in place of normal bone, and often causes chronic pain, loss of mobility, hormonal imbalances, skin marks, deformity and more. There's no cure, and no way to slow it down. 

Thanks to our partners at the University of Pennsylvania Orphan Disease Center, 100% of the donations to this fundraiser will go DIRECTLY to cutting-edge research grants.

Plus, your donation helps keep Team FD eligible for $30,000 in matching funds from UPenn every year. Don't wait, donate today!





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YOU can Power Research

This Bike Ride is our search for a cure. It is the most direct way for the FD/MAS community to ask the most pressing scientific questions and fund the most promising therapuetic possibilities for a treatment.

In our first four years with the Million Dollar Bike Ride, we've raised about $500,000 for FD/MAS research. Funded studies go through a competitive review process. 

Here's where that funding went:

  • 2018:
    • $68,178 to Identification and Characterization of Novel Cell-Permeable, Small Molecule Adenylyl Cyclase Inhibitors for Future Development as Drugs to Treat FD/MAS, Dr. Charles Hoffman, Boston College
    • $68,178 to Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis of Skeletal Stem Cells Derived from FD/MAS Patients, Dr. Fernando Fierro, University of California Davis.
    • $68,178 to Elucidating the Role of GNAS Mosaicism in Fibrous Dysplastic Lesions, Dr. Kelly Wentworth, University of California, San Francisco
    • $68,178 Anti-resorptive drugs in fibrous dysplasia of bone: Studies on the effects of a RANKL inhibitor and Zoledronic Acid in a murine model of the disease by radiography, histology, and genome-wide expression analysis (NanoString), Dr. Mara Riminucci, Sapienza University of Rome. Learn more here
  • 2017:
    • $53,614 to Dr. Mara Riminucci of Sapienza University of Rome for her project: “Exploring the therapeutic potential of RANKL inhibition in Fibrous Dysplasia of bone: studies on murine transgenic models of the disease,” and
    • $53,614 to Dr. Yingzi Yang of Harvard School of Dental Medicine for her project:  “Mechanistic and Therapeutic Studies of Fibrous Dysplasia in a New Mouse Model.”
    • How do these studies fit in to the fight to #CureFDMAS?: Learn more here. or from this update
  • 2016:
    • $74,000 to Dr. Mara Riminucci of Sapienza University of Rome for her project:  “Transgenic models of fibrous dysplasia and models of intervention.”
    • How does this study fit in to the fight to #CureFDMAS?: Learn more here or from this update
  • 2015:
    • $58,500 to Dr. J. Silvio Gutkind of Development of Moores Cancer Center, UC San Diego for his project: "Next-Gen Animal Models for Fibrous Dysplasia(FD)/McCune-Albright Syndrome(MAS)"
    • $58,500 to Dr. Mara Riminucci of Sapienza University of Rome for her project: "Mouse Models of Fibrous Dysplasia as a Tool for Developing Rational and Effective Therapies."
    • How do these studies fit in to the fight to #CureFDMAS?: Learn more here or from this update.