Thank you for supporting our mission to help families affected by prion disease and to advance research!

Thanks to your support this year, we've been able to:

  • Host specialized support groups (virtually) for caregivers, bereaved families, and those affected by genetic and sporadic CJD.
  • Host the CJD Foundation Family Conference virtually. 
  • Continue offering our Helpline for families to obtain information, resources, referrals, and the emotional support of our community.
  • Award more than $500,000 to an esteemed group of nine prion researchers who have launched promising studies in 2020.
  • Convey the needs of the Prion Disease community to legislators, urging them to continue funding prion surveillance at the CDC and to make Prion Disease eligible for vital NIH research funds. 

Your support is so important! Please help us continue supporting our mission in 2022 with your donation to our Annual Fund.

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