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My Plea to You

When I was born, damage to a nerve cluster at the base of my brain led to undervelopment and an inabaility to swallow. My parents were given a prognosis that may not have been all that different from what many parents at Elim hear:

Your son will never walk or talk, he will never eat on his own, and he will probably live in a vegatative state and pass away at a young age. 

That did not happen.

Yes, I suppose you could say that I surpassed expectations. But really, something more important happened.

God used His people to encourage me and remind me that whatever my abilities or disabilities, I was made in God's image and had limitless purpose and value in His Kingdom.

I am 48 years old, and I serve as the Director of Advancement at Elim. I am grateful every day that I can represent an organization that so fully represents my own liufe: an organization where we recognize that everyone has potential and can accomplish more than anyone thoought possible.

But that's not what's so incredible about Elim.

What gets me excited every day isn't just what we do - it's how we do it. We are devoted to the thriving of every adult and child that comes to Elim. We profess to them and to the workld that they matter because they were made in God's image (like you and me) and were called according to His purposes, and they have eternal value because Christ died for them, just like He did for you and me.


Elim lost its bridge last year, and we need other equipment that will help our students and adults with disabilities to thrive too. I would like to get our fundraising effort kick-started, but I need your help. Can you commit to a gift of $10, $25, or $50 by Monday, March 1?





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