Thank you for supporting our mission to help families affected by prion disease and to advance research!

At the CJD Foundation, through our Helpline, support groups, Strides for CJD, and other programs, we
regularly meet families who have been affected by Prion Disease. Often, they share the same
sentiment: “I want to make sure this doesn’t happen to other families!”

Working together, we can move toward a world where families will not face the same bleak prospects
with a CJD diagnosis. With your support, the CJD Foundation works every day to:

  • Fund new ideas in prion science. In 2022 the CJD Foundation awarded $650,000 in grants to 10 scientists. In the lifetime of our program, the CJD Foundation has provided nearly $3.5 million in grants.
  • Advocate with legislators to raise awareness about the need to fund prion programs
  • Bring CJD patient and caregiver experiences to the attention of the biotech community
  • Sponsor medical education about CJD diagnostics and caregiving

At the same time, the CJD Foundation continues to offer information and support to families:

  • Helpline support by phone or email
  • Website resources including caregiving information, basics of prion disease, and research updates
  • Multiple support groups focused on caregiving, bereavement, or sporadic/genetic prion disease
  • Community education on the drug development and clinical trials process
  • Connections for families with prion experts through study referrals, the annual CJD Foundation conference, and webinars with experts
  • Access to conference presentations via website and YouTube channel, with thousands of views

Prion science advances every year, but there is much to discover before a treatment will be available.

In honor of all those affected by prion disease, the CJD Foundation will continue raising awareness, funding research, and offering information, referrals, and connections to families.

As we prepare for 2023, please help us support these vital programs with your donation to our Annual Fund.

Every gift makes a difference. If your employer matches gifts, please request a match.

We thank you for your support and wish you and your family the warmest of holidays!

Make a donation using our online form or by:

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