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Team Members!

  • Maggie Sillner Maggie Sillner Team Captain $41.16
  • Amy Farrell Amy Farrell $40.00
  • Avery Chisholm Avery Chisholm $40.00
  • Brittany Sivinski Brittany Sivinski $40.00
  • Jesse Bishop Jesse Bishop $40.00
  • Maggie Sillner Maggie Sillner $4.64
  • Cassie Stoner Cassie Stoner
  • Nicole Pezzotti Nicole Pezzotti
  • Will Mitchell Will Mitchell
  • Brian Mefford Brian Mefford
  • Tori Litchfield Tori Litchfield
  • Mark Baragary Mark Baragary
  • James Irvine James Irvine
  • Stewart Linsmith Stewart Linsmith
  • Dylan Wu Dylan Wu
  • Rachel Karvia Rachel Karvia
  • Bridget Flynn Bridget Flynn
  • Haley DaGraca Haley DaGraca
  • Adrienne Hood Adrienne Hood
  • Cory Hall Cory Hall

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