2022 Walk to D-Feet Hearing Loss   ○   Team Audrey

Crysta Lingscheit

June 4, 2022 8:00am - 2:00pm

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AUDREY is a name of English origin that means "Noble" and "Strength"

She is sure living up to the name because she is one of the strongest little girls that we know. Audrey brightens every room that she is in and continues to make us proud. 

Our Story

Audrey was born hearing, but at just 12 months old, she got extremely sick with Bacterial Mengingitis. She spent 15 days in the hospital, 8 of those days she spent in the Pediatric ICU. On the day of discharge, Audrey had a hearing test under sedation and we found out that she was profoundly deaf in both ears. This is permanent from the Bacterial Mengingitis. She underwent Cochlear Implant surgery a week and a half later and since then has been thriving. Cochlear Implants are a tool to help someone who is deaf hear and speak. Cochlear Implants have given Audrey access to sound after Bacterial Mengingitis took sound from her. 

Every day is a gift. It will be one year since Audrey has had cochlear implants on June 8th. This is definitely a journey we had never pictured, but a lot of things in life are unexpected. Life is beautiful, and this is part of our story.

Come take a walk with us, For Audrey!

Keep shining bright baby girl, you will move mountains!






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