17th Annual ASK 5K & Fun Walk Presented by Anthem

Team ReeseStrong

April 30, 2022 10:00am - 12:00pm

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A Run To Fund ASK!

Our namesake, Reese, was one of the recipients of the ASK Foundation’s many aspects of support and generosity. Please join us in a creative fundraiser to help pay forward the gift of ASK!

On April 29, Erin, supported by Sherry Klauer, will begin the journey to run 8 miles every 4 hours for 48 consecutive hours--104 miles altogether.
Your donation can ‘sponsor’ one of those 8 mile loops during which Erin will wear, carry, eat, honor whomever you choose for that loop. This is your chance to celebrate a special someone in your life who faced a cancer diagnosis. The run can be a remembrance run, a celebration of their victory over Cancer, or a chance to show support during their battle.

In the past she’s worn favorite colors, a favorite Team shirt and/or hat, ate a food that the person loved, carried their picture, etc. If you can dream it, we can help make it happen. We want to make your loop special!
A donation of $100 will earn a sponsored loop. Once you make that donation we’ll reach out to you and begin discussing the details of ‘your’ loop.   

Any donation amount is welcome--every penny bring us one step closer to our goal, and more importantly, one step closer to helping yet another family work their way through a dreaded Childhood Cancer diagnosis. Last year Erin added another, unscheduled loop to celebrate a fundraising milestone made possible by all the combined donations! Let’s see if we can get her to run another one this year too!

The fundraising run itself will take place on various trails at the Pocahontas State Park. Closer to run day we’ll set up a Facebook Event page so you can see where/when we’ll be on our various loops in case you want to come cheer on, share miles, or see your sponsored loop in person!
Let’s surpass last year’s fundraising goals, and show the ASK families how much their local community supports them during the hardest days of their life.


***Updated 4/25/2022    Thank you all for the incredible donations! We have one loop left available for sponsorship (remember, one loop = $100 donation). To have us wear/carry/honor your cancer warrior, sponsor one full loop and we'll do what we can to get what's needed for that honor run (keep in mind, time is running out! We may not be able to get in special order items in time! We'll do our best, I promise.





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Our Supporters

  • Heather Golden Sponsoring a loop for Erin. May 2022 $100.00
  • Sheryl Klauer from Jodi! May 2022 $78.00
  • Susan Phenow In honor and memory of sweet, spicy, spunky Maria Claire Commers! May 2022 $104.00
  • Kile Niklawski May 2022 $52.00
  • Anonymous May 2022
  • Rebecca and Duane Perrin April 2022 $520.00
  • Sherry's Facebook Birthday Fundraiser 4.26 April 2022 $310.00
  • Sunil Narang Erin: You ROCK! April 2022 $260.00
  • Philip Davidson April 2022 $250.00
  • Misti Davidson Two loops sponsored by Lane Casadonte and CBS 6 Gives April 2022 $208.00