Effective April 18th, 2023:

The James W. Foley Freedom Awards are now at capacity and seating is now full for 2023. We are incredibly grateful for your interest and enthusiasm!

For those still wishing to sponsor our event, all deliverables excluding table seating are available. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Hostage Family Sponsorship

In 2023, your generous sponsorship impacts American hostage families:

Official Platinum Sponsor - $50,000

10 Hostage Families

Your sponsorship will cover the costs of all travel to include airfare, accommodations, meals, transportation, a day on Capitol Hill meeting with Hostage enterprise officials and advocating for their loved ones. Families also gain attendance at JWFLF dinner where they have vital access to members of congress, journalists and government officials,  which allows for advancement in the case of their loved one’s return.

Journalist Safety Sponsorship

In 2023, your generous sponsorship impacts deserving journalists:

Official Platinum Sponsor - $50,000

20 Journalists

JWFLF has partnered with Head Set to provide immersive virtual reality training to journalists to underscore the urgent need for preventive safety preparedness, both domestically and in conflict zones. Through virtual reality technology participants experience scenarios that test situational awareness and ways to mitigate risks. Journalists gain a deeper understanding of the impact of stress and trauma exposure and strategies to protect themselves, colleagues and their sources.

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