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Why #IRunForJim

I've been so inspired by Jim ever since learning his story back in 2016. We have so much to learn from the way Jim lived his life and followed his heart. I run for Jim to honor his legacy and share his story with others. 

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  • Trevor Rockhill September 2023 $52.61
  • Trevor Rockhill September 2023 $52.61

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  • Trevor Rockhill Trevor Rockhill Team Captain $92.61
  • Erich Guetzlaff Erich Guetzlaff $41.16
  • Kathryn Narla Kathryn Narla $40.00
  • Ashwin Narla Ashwin Narla $40.00
  • Isiah Manalo Isiah Manalo $40.00
  • Isabel Perez Rios Bravo Isabel Perez Rios Bravo $40.00
  • Gloria Cabrera Camacho Gloria Cabrera Camacho $40.00
  • Nicole Kelly Nicole Kelly $40.00
  • Isabel Perez Rios Bravo Isabel Perez Rios Bravo $40.00
  • Barbara Callahan Barbara Callahan $40.00
  • Allen Anderson Allen Anderson $40.00