Screens, numbers and achievements!

Thomas, like many teens, focuses on screen time. Probably his favorite screen is on his insulin pump as it helps him manage his Type 1 Diabetes.

At 13 months Thomas was diagnosed with diabetes. He has now lived 93 % of his life with Type 1 Diabetes. He has endured more than 33,000 finger and toe pricks to test his blood sugar, 3,000 insulin injections via a syringe, 1,475 insulin pump set changes and 200 continuous glucose monitor sensor changes.

Diabetes and the numbers have not slowed Thomas down. Now 16 and a 10th grader, he has passed the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Historical Boiler Engineer Exam, attained the rank of Eagle Scout, and become a licensed driver. He also enjoys FFA, bowling, Boy Scouts, trains and traveling to Minnesota’s North Shore.