Customize Your Page & Share Your Fundraising Thermometer

Customizing your page isn’t complete until you’ve added your own logo and images to the page. On your fundraising page, you can upload your organization’s logo (or if you're individual fundraiser your personal photo), For best results, use the sizes listed below. Also, learn how to embed your fundraising thermometer on your employee portal, website, or social media page!

Change Your Personal & Team Avatars

Upload Your Photo or Company/Organization Logo

  • The maximum file size for image upload is 10MB
  • Image file formats accepted are .jpg, .jpeg, .png., .pjpeg.
  • Images will be cropped and resized to 600 width x 315 height

Embed Your Thermometer on Your Company or Organization Site

Share progress towards your goal by embedding the thermometer on your website! To do this, simply hover over the top right corner of the thermometer and click Embed This Widget. Then you will copy over the code onto the page you would like the thermometer placed. It's a great visual to serve as a reminder about the event and helps celebrate successes!                                                                           

Where To Find the URL Code for Your Fundraising Thermometer

Hover over the top right corner of the thermometer, click Embed This Widget, and copy over the code onto your website.