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Promotional: 2023 Walk for Life Weekend

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Promotional: CompassCare Services

Patient Testimonials: What Women Are Saying About CompassCare

Abortion Pill Reversal: Because of You, More Life-Saving Stories Like This Are Possible

Victory Stories

Victory Story: “I absolutely cannot be a mom right now.”

Victory Story: She came in for an abortion pill reversal and left changed.

Victory Story: After seeing her baby on the ultrasound: “I can’t have an abortion.”

Victory Story: "I can't go through with an abortion."

Patient Stories

“Every time I look at my son I smile!”

"I have a living person inside me!"

"How do I stop this?"

"I was extremely scared, nervous...I was just terrified."

"As soon as I saw the ultrasound, abortion...left my mind."

"At CompassCare I got hope."

"Abortion was definitely on the table."

"I was going to get an abortion..."

"I probably wouldn't have kept the baby...out of fear."