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About Leighton

Leighton started his life as a normal boy, he had a normal unmedicated birth and went home on time. Leighton is a smart bright boy that met all his mile stones on time.

At the age of 6 months old he had received his regular immunizations and was sent home like a regular day. The next day everything changed as he woke up seizing, from then on his life was changed drastically. He was rushed to the ICU at Huntsville women’s and children’s where we were told everything was normal to give Tylenol and rest butfor the next 6 months he continued to have unregulated seizures and muscle pain and loss.

At just 13 months old we went to Birmingham children’s hospital where he was later diagnosed with Dravet syndrome and severe autism, he has undergone several treatments and surgeries to help his hearing ability and seizure control . Leighton has been fighting ever sense and he is just as smart and bright as ever. He will be 5 this year with the help of all his doctors and great medical professionals.

Every loved one with Dravet syndrome is different and we are grateful for all the research done to add more years to his life. 

- Annabelle & Kris Marshall