Frequently Asked Questions

What does the registration fee include?

  • The use of a 20 person dragon boat (to ensure safe spacing), paddles, lifejackets.
  • 2 sessions guaranteed per team, with an experienced coach.
  • Steersperson.

What will my 'paddle session' look like?

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled paddle time.
  • Meet at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre with your team, socially distanced, of course!
  • Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre team member will escort your team to collect life jackets, paddles, and safely load all UNFestival paddlers into their designated boats.
  • Only 4 teams will be permitted to participate, per session.
  • Team will have one hour on the water to practice and obtain an 'official' time for their session.
  • The 'race' will be a 500m course, with a turn.
  • After the hour is completed, teams will unload from the boat safely, and hand off all equipment to a Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre team member.
  • To remain compliant with provincial guidelines, please refrain from 'hanging out' after your session.

Where do I turn in the donations I have gathered?

  • Please bring your donations and pledges to an Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre team member. 

What is the role of the Team Captain?

  • The team captain will be in charge of managing the team's registration, ensure waivers are signed, and will be the primary contact for communications.
  • By default, the team member that registers a team for a Dream Factory dragon boat festival is considered to be the team captain. If captaincy needs to be changed online for your team, please contact

I’m a Team Captain. How do I know which paddlers have signed the waiver?

  • A paddler has signed the online waiver when their name is listed on your team’s online page, on the festival website.

How do I know if I have signed the waiver?

  • A paddler is completely registered (waiver signed) when their name is listed on your team’s online page, on the festival website.

How many paddlers are needed?

  • A team may register up to 20 paddlers. Eight (8) minimum are required. 10 team paddlers are permitted on-site at the team session and in the boat during the session, plus one steerperson provided by Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre.

How do I book my team’s session?

  • A link and password to the site where you can book your sessions will be sent to the Team Captain of each registered team by Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre. On this site, the Team Captain can pick from available sessions.
  • Everyone must sign a waiver online before attending a practice.

When are the sessions?

  • Every registered team is entitled to two sessions (each lasting an hour) with an experienced dragon boat coach. Sessions will take place Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between August 10th and 28th. Sessions will be from 7:00PM-8:00PM or 8:15PM-9:15PM at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre.

Once I have booked my team’s session, am I able to change them?

  • Yes, but this must be done by contacting  at least 48 hours in advance of your presently scheduled session (the one you wish to change).
  • Any changes or cancellations to a scheduled session must be done a minimum of 48 hours prior to that session.

 When should I arrive for my session?

  • Your team should arrive a minimum of 10 minutes prior to your scheduled practice time. This allows time for parking, warm-ups, selecting life jackets (PFD’s), paddles, etc. 

 Where do the sessions take place?

  • The sessions all take place at the Manitoba Canoe & Kayak Centre , on 80 Churchill Drive, across the street from Churchill High School, next door to the Redboine Yacht Club (MAP).
  • Please park only on the south side (away from the river) of Churchill Drive.

 Will I get wet paddling?

  • Yes. Sometimes you will finish a race feeling like you just cannon-balled into a swimming pool, other times you will only experience a few odd splashes from your teammates’ paddles. It all depends on where you sit and the intensity and technique of your teammates.
  • Do not bring anything into the boat like wallets, phones, electronic car keys, or iPods as these items could suffer water damage.

 What should I wear?

  • Wear comfortable clothing that does not hold or absorb moisture, that you don’t mind getting wet. Thermal or dri-fit tops and stretchy/spandex shorts or pants are all appropriate choices. 
  • Dress for the weather.
  • You can bring a water bottle on the boat. Also, it’s a good idea to wear water proof sunscreen.

 What if it is rains during the event or practice?

  • You will get wet.
  • Sessions are still on even if it’s rainy.
  • Thunder and lightning or extreme wind/weather conditions are grounds for cancelling practices or postponing sessions. Paddler safety is of utmost importance.

  Can my family and friends come to watch?

  • Please refrain from bringing spectators to keep within provincial guidelines.