About The Beneficiary

The Child Life Pet Therapy Program

The Child Life Pet Therapy Program is one of the hospital’s most popular philanthropy-dependent programs. An investment will ensure that many children will have the same opportunity to visit with a certified therapy pet to provide comfort during their time at Nemours Children’s.

“Pet therapy is the highlight of our son’s treatment at Nemours Children’s. The medical team and other professionals are wonderful, and pet therapy is amazing!

On the second day of our cancer journey, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog lumbered into our son’s room. At first, our son didn’t know what to make of the fluffy giant. Then, ‘Bear’ gently placed his huge head on our son’s bed, and our son’s face lit up! Our son was able to pet Bear’s head while he was getting used to this new medical environment.

At that moment, all his worries about his pains and procedures disappeared. The way a dog can lift a patient’s spirit is just different than a doctor’s joke, a cafeteria cupcake, or even a 6-foot-tall sunflower balloon. Don’t get me wrong, those are wonderful, cheerful things, but they all pale in comparison to pet therapy’s positive, healing energy.”

– Patient Family