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Did you know that when the 2:00 pm bell rings, the last hot meal children often receive, is at 11 am in their school cafeteria? As we head into the summer months when school is closed...well, it is more dire. 

The after-school hours have become a critical time for youth – a time when many children in our communities are left to fend for themselves without positive adult supervision. The pandemic has made things even more challenging, especially in the area of youth mental health and well-being: with our ER rooms seeing an alarming number of children. 

Youth have been coming to the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii (BGCH) for almost 50 years, looking for a safe place filled with nourishment, opportunity and friendship. And when we have enough funding, a warm meal.   

Clubhouses, with their caring youth development mentors and engaging, skill-building programs are needed now more than ever. 

Your donation today to Support Great Futures for our children, will allow BGCH to continue to do their very urgent work and help keep youth fed, fueled, and focused. 

What Is Great Futures 2022?

Great Futures 2022 is a time when the entire community comes together to support our youth by giving them the support they need during and after-school to make their futures great.  

How You Can Help  

We never want to turn a child or parent away due to a lack of funding. Make a donation today to help those children and teens who need us the most. 

Want to make an even bigger difference? Start a fundraising team with your friends and co-workers or spread the word about Great Futures on social media. Email us at and we'll send you your own link. We can also mail you out your own beautiful Great Futures 2022 Cards you can mail them out to your friends and family. 

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