What is 100 Million Healthier Lives?

100 Million Healthier Lives is a community of people, organizations and communities working together to help 100 million people live healthier lives by 2020.  Areas of focus include:

  • Improve equity and address the social determinants of health.
  • Help all kids have a great start to life.
  • Make mental health everybody's job.
  • Help veterans to thrive.
  • Go from a health care system to a health and wellbeing system.

Learn more at www.100mlives.org

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Phone: 1-617-301-4955

Focus of Giving: A Measurement Platform By Communities for Communities

Community Commons and Seabourne have worked with 100 Million Healthier Lives communities and leaders to design a beautiful, user-friendly place-based measurement platform that helps communities measure what matters down to the neighborhood level and track the improvement in health, wellbeing and equity across a community, region, or nation.  If we can raise the funds to build this as a collective community, this can be OUR platform, open source, with all organizations communities able to access, use, and improve it. 

Implementing Metrics in Your Community

How Your Contribution Helps

Become a Sponsor!

What we are able to do with your support:

  • $1-$4,999 helps us make this OUR movement, welcoming of contributions at every level (Change Agent)
  • $5,000 helps us sponsor patients, community members, and diverse thought leaders to actively participate in 100 Million Healthier Lives gatherings and conferences (Equity Sponsor)
  • $10,000 helps a community coalition to receive deep improvement support and capacity development for a year (Healthy Community Sponsor)
  • $50,000 helps us maintain a "bright spot" library for all communities to use (Bright Spot Sponsor)
  • $100,000 helps us launch a hub around one of our shared priorities (Healthy Hub Sponsor)
  • $500,000 helps us build a technology platform that supports all communities to measure and manage to outcomes (Healthy Nation Sponsor)
  • $1 million or more helps us support communities globally to share what works and work toward 100 million healthier lives together (Healthy World Sponsor)

Your Contribution Goes a Long Way

Your generous contribution improves the health and well-being of people in hundreds of communities and helps us build a movement together. If everyone gives according to their ability, we can ensure that the 100 Million Healthier Lives support system is equitably available to individuals and communities in greatest need. 

  • 100% of every dollar you donate goes directly to supporting 100 Million Healthier Lives change efforts.
  • Your donation to 100 Million Healthier Lives, through the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a 501(c)3 organization, is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.

Contributors who give $10,000 or more will be recognized on the website. Please contact 100MLives@ihi.org for information about becoming a sponsor. Thank you!





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