Take the Earth Day Challenge 

At EarthShare Washington, we’re a lot of different conservation groups working together to make our planet and communities better, cleaner, and greener. To recognize Earth Day we're challenging companies, schools, community groups and individuals to support the environmental community in Washington state.  You can give us a hand in three simple ways:

  1. Pledge to make one change in your life to reduce your impact on the planet. Remind others that Earth Day is here and our work isn’t done by sharing what you’re doing in person or on social media.

  2. Help us raise money for our local Washington conservation charities and their causes through the EarthDayChallenge website

  3. Get out and volunteer  in our parks,  forests and communities

To maximize your impact get a team together and tackle the challenge together —  whether it’s your coworkers, a club you belong to or just a group of friends.

Pledge to Do One Thing

Is there one change you could make in the way you go about your day that would make a difference? Maybe you want to start small. Maybe you’re ready to take the plunge and make a major life-changing planet-improving statement.  Whatever you’re ready to tackle--  share what you’re going to do on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, or Pinterest and use the hashtag #EarthDayChallenge and let your friends (and clients and customers) know that we’re still striving to save the planet and so should they. 

Help raise money for eco charities

While you (and your team) are out reminding people that Earth Day is coming and sharing your big change. Please take the opportunity to help out the 21 local environmental charities listed below  by letting people know they can help out with a donation through your individual or team fundraising page. Register yourself or your company, community or school group and setup your page.

Teams will get more information on fundraising and help with planning events and outreach.

Get out and volunteer

We’re partnered with some great charities working on conservation projects around the state. Pull your team together and clean beaches, rebuild trails, plant trees, and work to make Washington the great green place we love. Get a list of events at facebook.com/earthdayvolunteer or by clicking on volunteer on this page.

If you’re taking part in team fundraising you can count every hour you volunteer as $10 towards your team fundraising goal. If your corporate team needs help finding an event for a group of employees, let us know and we’ll help you plan or find something you can all take part in.

Donations made support 501c3 charitable organizations and are tax deductible. 

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