Fun Run Kick Off Video

Osmos and Spheros - Oh My!

Event Description

The Fun Run is LCA’s biggest spring fundraiser, generating funds necessary to help LCA continue providing your student with the top quality academics, social events and facilities you appreciate.  The goal of Fun Run is to get students involved in making an early investment in their school.  Tuition only covers the operating expenses of the school, so enlisting students’ help not only enables us to have the extras we all want for our children, but develops the students’ work ethic as well.  Fun Run gives students the opportunity to develop school spirit and work as a team to see a reward for that work.  This year’s funds will be used to purchase new iPads, Spheros, and Osmos to enhance the student learning experience through technology, Professional Development Training for our teachers, and probably the most anticipated, a new bus to transport our students on field trips, as well as other incentives specific to our Lower School. Our theme is Deep Water Adventure and on Friday, March 17 all students in grades PreK-5th will be participating in the Fun Run in our gymnasium.  


What an amazing job!!!  We reached our school wide goal!!!  We will be announcing an updated total this coming Friday at the Fun Run. "Dive In" and keep up the good work - donations can still be made through March 31.  These donations will count toward (class) Team Goals and the over all grand prizes. With the additional funds we raise, we will be able to purchase even more iPads and possibly add a technology station for our lower school students!!

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