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About The Purple Plunge

Purple Plunge is a local non-profit cancer charity dedicated to making an impact in our community by plunging into icy cold Lake Zurich and raising funds to increase awareness and provide aid and support to cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers in our community.


Donate Items or Services to our Raffle 

If you have items or services that you would be able to donate the the Purple Plunge Raffle, please send an email to info@purpleplunge.org and provide your name and contact information so we can follow up with you.

Supply Drive for Camp One Step

We ask that you bring Supplies for Camp One Step to the Purple Plunge on March 3rd.  For every item you bring from this list Purple Plunge will give you a free raffle ticket.

​Here is the list of what Camp One Step needs.

  • Toys we can use as prizes for camp program contests/fun days/etc.

    • Jewelry and jewelry making kits

    • stuffed animals (new, small)

    • Coloring books and crayons

    • sidewalk chalk

    • bubbles

    • paint sets so kids can create camper artwork (acrylic craft paint, brushes, paint cup holders)

  • Decorations for special fun days:

    • Western/Cowboy themed Fun Day

      • things to hang on the walls to decorate

      • inflatable things to hang on wall, e.g., guitars, wheels

  • Rubbermaid storage bins - 25 to 40 gallon (several needed)

  • Board games

  • Beach towels

  • Easels and easel paper - strong easels (not the lighter ones)

  • Baseball hats 

  • Smaller water bottles in multi-packs

THANK YOU!  See you Saturday!


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