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For more information or for fundraising resources, please contact Jackie Williams at or 312.224.4667.


When you join Team PFF, you are supporting PFF Signature Programs such as: 

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PFF Care Center Network

The PFF Care Center Network (CCN) offers patients access to high-quality, customized care from experienced medical professionals who understand their disease and can help manage their health. There are 60 CCN sites across the country.

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PFF Patient Registry

The PFF Patient Registry is a collection of anonymous information about PF patients, including their diagnosis and how it was made, test results, medications taken, and medical outcomes. The PFF Patient Registry serves as a valuable resource to clinicians and researchers in the discovery of new treatments.

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PFF Patient Communication Center

The PFF Patient Communication Center (PCC) is a trusted resource within the PF community and offers guidance for those affected by pulmonary fibrosis. The PCC staff is available to answer questions about the disease, treatments, insurance and assistance programs, the PFF Care Center Network, and support groups.

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PFF Support Group Leader Network

Support groups offer a unique opportunity for patients, caregivers, and families to share their experiences with peers who understand what it’s like to live with pulmonary fibrosis. The PFF Support Group Leader Network provides a forum for pulmonary fibrosis support group leaders to interact, exchange ideas, and discuss best practices.

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