Big Boy Troy, A Survivor!

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Hi, my name is Big Boy Troy and I have a story to tell and a very important message to share. On January 2nd I was viciously attacked by a dog who was trained to kill. I was rushed to West Chester Veterinary Medical Center by a BVSPCA Animal Control Officer. My face/ears, neck, both front limbs and hind legs were severely injured. I was fighting for my life. The medical staff could tell from my eyes that I was strong and that I wouldn’t give up because I had a will to live, but my injuries were serious. My left front leg had to be amputated. My right hind leg was a real struggle to save, but they knew they had to save it or I would never walk again. During weeks of surgery, pain and infections from all of my wounds, the team never gave up on me. Healing and hope were in sight and I began to feel happiness instead of hurt. I started eating and learned how to walk as a tripod. I began to trust, love and forgive again. I am a survivor! Finally, I am going up for adoption at the BVSPCA. Because of my strength and will to live, I have been invited to lead the walk at this year’s BVSPCA Walk for Paws. If you can’t make it to the walk or even if you plan to be there, would you consider helping me raise money by donating just $5 on my webpage. It’s easy, just click on the Donate button below! You will be saving a life. I’m living proof! Please share this link with your friends and ask them to join you and give $5 to help save more lives. Together, we can make a difference in our community. Donate Now! See you at the Walk!