Kids Should Hunger for Adventure

The most magical and fantastical adventures come to life in the imaginations of children.

Tara wants to be a “superhero for the forests.” Qwayne wants “to grow legs like a rabbit to run races and win!” Carly wants us to be quiet – she’s concentrating hard, trying to make it rain, so she can wear the boots gifted to her by a neighbor. 

We think kids should hunger for adventure--not food. Yet, we know that the summer break from school means that thousands of local kids will lose access to the meals they get at low or no cost during the school year. These meals support the health, well-being and learning of thousands of local children. They also support working parents striving, yet struggling to meet the most basic needs of their families.

All children need healthy food three times a day – every day – to thrive. Without our help, many local children will be at increased risk of not getting enough to eat during the long summer break from school.

With one gift, right now, you can nourish a child and fuel an adventure. Please give as generously as you can TODAY. Make a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC and help provide healthy nutritious meals to children in Northwest NC.

About Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC

Second Harvest Food Bank is a leading agent and advocate for a healthy, hunger-free Northwest NC.

We work to ensure that every neighbor can access healthy food when they need it and to address root causes of poverty, which drive the need for basic needs services. ​We recognize hunger in our communities for what it is, the unacceptable symptom or poverty and entwined challenges impacting the health and well-being of individuals and our collective future. 

We recognize the power of food, a fundamental human need we all share, to unite and drive us beyond food for today toward more lasting solutions—a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow for everyone.

We are a network of 450+ local partner organizations and supporters like you working together in communities from Boone to Burlington so that...

...CHILDREN have the fuel they need to thrive and strive to succeed free from the burden and consequences of hunger.

...PARENTS have the necessary energy to be focused and productive on the job and present for their children.

...SENIORS are cared for and not left to choose between eating and other basic needs.

...OUR COMMUNITIES can thrive.