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Every year for ten years, Black Dog Animal Rescue has stepped up for special pets who need medical care or accommodation in order to get the second chance at a forever home that they so deserve.

Whether it be massive, debilitating ear infections, crushed eyeballs, broken and mangled limbs, or rotted and painful teeth - we don’t shy away from the tough cases.

Sam is one such case. Please - read his inspiring story below and then make a donation. Your support is the only thing that stands between a hopeful future for pets like Sam and an untimely and lonely death.

Those snuffling noses, those wagging tails, those generous hearts - all of them are made possible each day through the generosity of people like you.


Sam’s Story

It started with a simple text from another rescue: “There is a disabled 4 month old Husky mix puppy in a Rapid City, South Dakota shelter. The puppy was born with deformed front legs, does not have use of either of them, and scoots around to make do. We can’t take him, can you?”  

The puppy had been left at a shelter because no one wanted him.

Numerous shelters and rescue groups wanted to help, but did not have the reach or resources needed to help a puppy with a disability like Sam’s.

That’s when BDAR stepped in. We saw past his disability to his precious smile, his inner resilience. The opportunity to say yes to a dog when others could not resonated deeply with our mission.

Now, Sam will never have to worry about his future again.

Sam will need a front cart for the rest of his life to get around and be a normal pup. Sam's condition may be unique but there are many other medical cases that we are presented with on a daily basis.

Sam is helping us raise awareness for the plight of these special needs pets. Sam already has a loving family waiting for him, but you can help the countless others like him by donating to our Wealth for Health Campaign.

There are hundreds of dogs out there just like Sam. Abandoned, heartbroken, in need of care and compassion. And a lot of them will get exactly that, thanks to foster homes, volunteers, and donors like you. With your help - we will be able to save others like Sam - giving them the confidence to trust and love again.

Please consider donating today. Because of you, those pets who wouldn’t have had a chance to learning what love is can be assured that their time is coming.


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