Boys to Men's 100 Wave Challenge      

2018 Surf Nights (and BBQ!)

@ 5-7pm

Surf Nights are a chance for 100 Wave Challenge surfers to get in the water with the fatherless and high-risk boys in our program who are learning to surf this summer.

Please consider joining us for a fun evening of free barbecue, twilight surfing and fellowship with our boys, mentors and other surfers who are taking the 100 Wave Challenge!



Tuesday, June 26th @ Law Street Pacific Beach

Saturday, July 14th @ Seaside Reef Cardiff

Tuesday, July 31st @ Law Street Pacific Beach

Thursday, August 16th @ La Jolla Shores


Please Note: Our boys will be spending the day at the beach and need to be out of the water around 6:30pm to ensure they have eaten and are ready to leave by 7pm.

Boys to Men Mentoring provides a free barbecue and we would love for YOU to be in the water with our boys to share some of your life experiences and surfing knowledge!