Give to Kids Day!

A gift of hope for babies with rare diseases

When a newborn baby has a mysterious illness, time is precious. The sooner doctors find answers, the sooner they can treat — and save — the tiniest patients.

Your donation today is a gift of time and hope to families desperate for answers.  

Unlocking the mysteries of genetics 

This Give to Kids Day we’re shining a light on genomic medicine — the groundbreaking study of customized care based on a person’s unique genetic makeup — and the urgent need for what’s called Rapid Whole Genome Sequencing, the most sophisticated test for identifying rare, inherited diseases.

What used to take 30-60 days can now be done in just a week. It’s expensive, but the benefits far outweigh the cost: doctors get answers quickly, enabling them to begin the right treatment right away. Patients suffer less and go home sooner. 

Help us meet our goal

For every $5,000 we raise, we can provide rapid sequencing for a baby facing a genetic disease. We’ll also earn a matching gift from a friend of Children's, helping us find answers – and hope – for families in need.

Give to Kids like Anna!

Your support today can help kids like Anna. Shortly after Anna was born, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare chomosomal anomaly in which she is missing a portion of her 21st chromosome. Over the last six years of her life, Anna and her family have endured many hospital stays at Children's, including one last fall for over a month. Help families find answers. Help doctors proscribe treatment plans. Give the gift of time, hope and life today!

Learn more about Anna's Children's journey.

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