2019 Norman 80's Bowl Sponsor Companies

The 2019 JA Norman 80's Bowl

as we "motor' toward our $120,000 JA 80's Bowl season goal! This rad event is an opportunity for Norman area companies, both small, medium, and large, to share a fun team building experience while FUNraising 4 JA! "I'm so sure!"

Companies and their employees use this page to FUNraise online via emails, Facebook, and Twitter. 

On November 8th fundraising began in Oklahoma City with a goal of $120,000. We are currently at $93,000. With the private TBS Factoring company bowl on April 27th and the Norman Bowl on June 20th, we know we can make this goal. 

Companies can form up to 4 teams of  5 individuals. FUNraising 4 JA can be accomplished on or offline and teams  making and/or exceeding the minimu goal of $750 will celebrate their successes at the June 20, 2019 JA Norman 80's Bowl Party at the Sooner Bowling Center at 550 24th Avenue NW in Norman, OK.  Registration opens at 3:30 pm and the party runs from 4:00-6:00pm! "Like totally!"

WHY FUNraise 4 JA? 

Through a "happen'en" volunteer network, JA provides programs for kindergarten through high school students offering curriculum with hands-on relevant learning on topics related to entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy.

We teach the difference between "Wants" and "Needs.".

  • Yet to those not familiar with us, it may seem like we are a want in a world of need. The truth is we are filling a critical need...bulding the future.
  • There are many important and worthwile organizations responding to the challenge of today, but we are focused on trying to solve the problems of tomorrow.
  • Those who know us know that we don't treat disease, but we can help cure hopelessness.
  • And while we don't feed the poor, we do provide for those who hunger to change their circumstances.
  • And though we don't resuce the dispossessed, we can provide the support necessary to help safeguard their future.

Proceeds from the JA OKC 80's Bowl will benefit students throughout the Oklahoma City. FUNraising 4 JA efforts are critical!

"Get real" for JA and please support your participant with a generous donation! 

Thank you!

Want to know more about JA and the 2019 80's Bowl...contact Terry Billen at 405.300.1020 or via email at tbillen@jaok.org.

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