Welcome to Train For Treatment - the fundraising program for the Finger Lakes Triathlon!

The Finger Lakes Triathlon is the primary annual fundraiser for the Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center.  Every year we run a program called “Train For Treatment” which enables athletes to raise money for the Center via a secure fundraising web page as they train for the triathlon.  All of the money raised goes directly to the Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center for critical patient services and treatments.  Within “Train For Treatment” we also run our "Tri Buddy" program which enables athletes to raise money on behalf of one of our pediatric patients and have that child’s story and picture on your fundraising page (the “Tri-Buddy” pages always raise the most money). So, create your fundraising page, send it out to everyone that you know and help raise money for a wonderful cause -- it’s that simple.  It’s also a great way to let everyone know that you’re doing a triathlon!!  To further motivate you, we have over $4,000 in MAJOR PRIZES for the top fundraisers and if you raise at least $350, you get your race registration fee refunded!!!   

Founded in 1959 by visionary Rochester native Mary Gooley, the Center has been treating people who suffer from bleeding disorders for over 50 years.  Since then, we have seen amazing advances in medical technology change hemophilia from a devastating disease causing severe disability, hardship and short lifespan to one that has become very manageable with the right treatments and medications.  However, there is still a long way to go.  Hemophilia is one of the most expensive medical conditions to treat and treatments still have to be administered through intravenous infusions up to three times per week to mitigate the constant threat of internal bleeding.  Every dollar raised via the Finger Lakes Triathlon goes directly to patient services to help those affected live normal, healthy, productive lives.

The Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center has gained national attention because of its comprehensive care model that goes beyond just simply treating the medical condition. This model includes: education, advocacy, counseling, life assistance, home care training and health counseling.  Studies have shown that this model yields better overall health results and can drive down long term health costs.  We are also heavily involved in national research projects aimed at improving the lives of people with bleeding disorders. Every summer, we send many of our child patients to specialized camps for children with medical conditions so that they can have fun in a safe environment with children experiencing the same issues as them. Please visit www.hemocenter.org if you would like more information about the Center.

The Center chose a triathlon as their annual fundraiser because it is critical for people with hemophilia to find ways to live active healthy lives.  Being fit helps to mitigate the effects of the condition and this is extremely important to instill in our child patients early on as they have fewer options in terms of what sports they can choose. We also thought it would be a great way to bring this important message of health and fitness to the whole community.

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