Thanks UWCFD Donors

Amount Raised: $375

Lauren Fogerty
Karen Thickman
Sherri Huber
Robin Donovan
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Sheila Pfeiffer
Kerri Everly
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Peter Bonow

Welcome University of Washington faculty, staff, students & friends to the Earth Day Challenge (APRIL 1-22)

In honor of Earth Day, the UW Combined Fund Drive invites faculty, staff, students, and friends to participate in the second annual Earth Day Challenge. Support environmental organizations working to preserve our planet by making a gift, donating your time, and pledging to help protect our environment. The University of Washington is recognized as one of the nation’s greenest campuses: check out the dashboard here.

Your participation benefits 21 environmental nonprofits that work across a variety of environmental issue areas.

Three ways to participate

Make a donation

Donate to any of 21 premier organizations working to protect the environment or choose to support EarthShare Washington and your donation will be divided among the participating organizations.

Track your conservation volunteer hours 

Each volunteer hour will be counted as a $10 donation towards UW's goal!  Explore volunteer opportunities or create your own project.

Make a pledge to Do One Thing 

Create a post on Twitter, via Vine or Instagram about the one thing you'll change this year to reduce your environmental impact, be a little greener or how you'll volunteer in conservation. Share a picture or link a Vine that shows us what you're up to using #EarthDayChallenge.