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Rebuild With Us

Over the last few years, Brother Wolf has taken on too much too quickly, without sufficient foresight. We’re facing a large financial challenge in the year ahead and we need your help now more than ever to continue our impactful work for the animals. This is a turning point for Brother Wolf, and we cannot do this alone. We cannot do this without YOU. This critical work must continue because the animals desperately need us.

On behalf of every dog and cat whose life was forever changed because of rescue, and on behalf of every animal who learned the meaning of family because of supporters like you, we’re asking you to rebuild with us. THANK YOU for always being there for the animals and for supporting the programs that have helped build and sustain the No-Kill communities they deserve.

Brother Wolf can and will get back to a place where we are stable and thriving, but your support today is urgently needed. Together, we will save lives.

Click here to learn more about our financial state, decisions we've made about the sanctuary land in Leicester, NC, and the work we're doing to stengthen our mission to build and maintain No-Kill communities throughout western North Carolina.