Threads of the Movement for Palestinian Liberation

With one donation, you will support the efforts of three Palestinian-led organisations as we work to bolster an understanding of Palestinian liberation as an anti-colonial struggle, interconnected with the liberation of others.





Introduction: Three Threads of A Movement

Last year, Palestinians came together to resist their forced fragmentation, and formed a collective front against ongoing colonisation by the Israeli state. The Unity Intifada saw Palestinians unite across walls, blockades, and artificial borders, in defiance against Israel’s apartheid regime, despite decades of settler-colonialism, reminding the world that the Palestinian struggle is one.

In this spirit of unity, Al-Shabaka, Visualizing Palestine, and Makan - three Palestinian-led organisations working for justice - have come together to build on the growing momentum in support of Palestinian rights across the globe.

As we resist Israel fragmentation, so too do we resist pressure to compete for essential resources - insisting instead on meaningful collaboration.

How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Much work remains to fully reclaim the narrative on Palestine to one that upholds freedom, justice and equality. A core part of this work is anchoring the Palestinian struggle as anti-colonial. As apartheid enters the mainstream, so too must a global understanding of Israeli colonisation of Palestine. 

This is what we are collectively working towards. Your donation to this effort enables us to:

  • Produce new and expansive analysis on Israel’s settler colonial project, Palestinian resistance, and possibilities for a liberated future

  • Translate Israel’s settler colonialism and Palestinian decolonial practices to audiences across the globe through resources like podcasts, visuals, online events, and media outreach efforts

  • Ensure that an understanding of the Palestinian struggle as anti-colonial is central to the campaigning and messaging of advocates for Palestine and for social justice

By supporting this campaign, you also champion a joint fundraising model that makes our movement more impactful and resilient.

Why Al-Shabaka, VP, and Makan?

Al-Shabaka, a policy think-tank, Visualizing Palestine, a data-led visual communication resource, and Makan, an educational training outfit, are all social justice organisations working towards the same goal: to transform the discourse on Palestine into a call for freedom, justice, and equality for all.

Over the past two years, we’ve witnessed groundbreaking shifts in the narrative on Palestine, including increased consensus that Israel is practicing apartheid against Palestinians. Such shifts are the fruits of years of labour from Palestinian civil society, now being amplified by leading human rights organisations.

Al-Shabaka, Visualizing Palestine, and Makan each play critical roles in contributing to these shifts.

Together, we form three threads that help strengthen the movement for Palestinian liberation:

  • Al-Shabaka produces forward-thinking ideas and analysis that help shape policy and advocacy work on Palestinian rights

  • Visualizing Palestine translates complex concepts that underpin the Palestinian experience into digestible visuals

  • Makan equips Palestinians and allies with the skills & knowledge needed to build on these ideas and advocate for change, through direct educational training

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