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In memory of Aren Leigh Burelle - March 8, 2012

Aren's Story

In December of 2011, we found out that we were expecting our second child and we were very excited.  We had been trying for over a year unsuccessfully with fertility drugs.  Excitement was not the word to describe our feelings when the doctor gave us the good news.  We kept it a secret until the end of February on our oldest 3rd birthday - we did the "Big Brother" t-shirt!  On March 7th I had a regular appointment and the Fridley Clinic.  Then on March 8th while sitting in the waiting room at Abbott Northwestern Hospital while my baby sister was in surgery I started to bleed.  Called the clinic and they wanted me to drive to Blaine for an Ultrasound and then to Unity for an appointment.  Right then my sister hit recovery, my mom went to tell her we were leaving and then we started the longest drive of my life.  Followed by the quietest ultrasound I have ever had.  An hour later the first doctor with an opening was telling me the news that our baby was gone.  And after some bloodwork and of my own asking I left the OB clinic through the back door because I just could not walk through a lobby full of pregnent women and their babies with hearbeats.  Four days later I was in emergency surgery for blood loss.  My only regreat of that day was that I didn't ask if there was anyway to see my baby.  Missing Grace helped me heal from my loss and also help me learn and then educate others on what a miscarriage really is.  I hope to raise some money to keep this group going to give others the healing hope to know it is okay to go on after loss.  That a miscarriage is still a loss.  Your baby is still your baby and that is group is there for you when you need them and through the support groups you can find life long friends. 

On a happy note.  March 8 has a fun meaning for us too!  On March 8, 2009 our son Benjamin came home from a week stay in the hospital following his birth at Unity Hospital.  Then of course our loss of Aren at Unity on March 8, 2012.  Then on March 3, 2014, we welcomed twin girls, Sarah and Isabelle.  They came home from Unity Hospital on March 8, 2014.  And to further turn our day of sadness to joy we decided to celebrate the twins first birthday on March 8, 2015 on Arens 3rd Angelversery. 

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