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 It would mean so much to us if you would join us in supporting Missing Grace who helps countless families deal with the devastating loss of a child. You may either join our team and run/walk with us or offer a donation. Any amount would help tremendously.

Thank you in advance. 

Gavin's parents. 

The following is a synposis of our story if you would like to read it. 


My husband and I were married Aug. of 2006. The following summer of 2007 we attempted to add to our family only to find out that In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was the only option for us as we both had complications making it impossible for us to conceive naturally. Due to financial restraints we were unable to afford IVF at that time. 

Finally in March of 2014 we were at a place financially where IVF was possible and we went ahead with the procedure. We had 8 great quality embryos but only implanted one embryo as the embryo was perfect, the best quality you can achieve. In fact the Doctor that did our procedure that day said it was the hummer of embryos. We had high hopes of it working. We were more than excited as we found out on March 18, 2014 that the procedure was successful.  We were finally able to say that we were expecting. (I) was pregnant!

The pregnancy was going along very smoothly with a few little bumps and minor checks at the ER. We were always reassured our little baby was fine.  We were not going to find out gender as we wanted to be surprised.  On July 4 I went to the E.R. as I was bleeding. They could not find the cause behind it and our sweet baby looked just fine on the ultrasound. I was sent home. On July 5th the bleeding got worse and I started having what I now know our contrations. I had sent my husband to work because I had a brief reprieve of feeling better, but then suddenly my water broke. I called my husband home and we rushed to the hospital where I quickly learned we would be losing our baby. July 5, 2014 at 19 Weeks 5 days gestation, I delivered our sweet little firecracker, our son Gavin Karl Dick in the E.R.   He was too little to survive on his own outside the womb and they won’t do life saving measures until 20 Weeks and beyond. He was perfect in everyway.  We found out that I had a placental abruption, where the placenta decided to pull away from the uterine wall. We were devastated an heartbroken, leaving the hospital with empty arms. It wasn't fair as we had waited for him for seven years. No parent should ever have to say goodbye to their baby or face this devastating tragedy. This is by far the toughest situation in our lives we have ever encountered, saying hello and goodbye to our son in the same day. There is not a day that goes by where we don’t think about him and miss him.   

Thankfully we were led to Missing Grace where we  found love, support, and hope we needed as we embarked and continue on our grief journey. We have met and made friends with other couples who also sadly have had to face the same horrible fate as us of losing their sweet babies. 

Thankfully our story has a positive twist to it as we boldly did another round of IVF in Oct. of 2014. We implanted two embryos this time as they were not as good of quality as Gavin was. This procedure was also succesful but just one of the two embryos took. Here we faced another pregnancy where we practically held our breath for those 38 Weeks. God brought us through it, we clung to his promise. Then on June 19th, 2015 we could let out a deep sigh of relief as we delivered our rainbow daughter, via C-section, Gavin’s little sister, Abbegail Ann.  She is perfect and we love her more than words can say.  She does not by any means replace her brother, nor does it make us love or miss Gavin any less. She is a beautiful addition to our family.  



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