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Walk or Give so that more dogs and cats like Baci can have a chance at a forever home!

Baci was a senior heartworm positive black dog.  He was left at the APS of Durham Shelter.  His eyes were dim and his coat was dull and we knew he would probably be at the shelter for a long time. People line up to adopt puppies, Golden Retrievers and pure breed dogs. They rarely adopt and never line up for older black mutts with heartworm disease and separation anxiety.

Baci was the kind of dog limited admission shelters refuse to take. He was the type of dog that is always the first to go in open admission shelters. Baci was a diamond in the rough at the APS of Durham Shelter. He was a sweet boy with a good heart. He along with all of our animals deserved the best.

He was and is our reason to exist; to care for, take in and love the most difficult to place animals when everyone else says no. No one wants to take chances on hard to place dogs because euthanasia is not sexy. It doesn’t raise funds and frankly it stinks!

APS has and always will accept the old, the sick and unadoptable animals because they too deserve the best.

Our commitment to every animal isn’t easy. We know that limited admission facilities get more funding because people don’t understand.

People don’t understand that limited admission means no euthanasia because they take no more than they can place and never take animals that cannot be adopted. That doesn’t make these animals safe. It makes them homeless with no options.

APS of Durham manages an Open Admission Shelter. We believe that every animal deserves a safe warm place and love even if we may someday have to say goodbye.

No animal should ever be rejected, abandoned and unloved even if they aren’t the most desirable to some people.

Please help the APS continue to help the neediest animals in Durham by giving. Every dollar counts and every dollar saves lives.  

Thank you for you support! It means so much to me and to the animals we all love.







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  • Here Kitty Kitty Moonpie May 2016 $58.81
  • Sarah Reichman Kick some butt ;-) May 2016 $50.00
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