Julia's Big Adventures; Bringing FUN to kids at Children's Minnesota!!

Why I love raising money for Children's Hospitals and Clinics of MN

Hi, I'm Julia! When I was five years old, I got very sick and spent some time in Children's Hospital. I didn't like that so many kids were there. It made me feel sad that they would maybe feel like they were in a bad or scary place. I was scared in the hospital and I think they probably are, too. When doctors and nurses came in, I felt ok. I liked when I got to blow bubbles, color and ride the tricycle. That was fun! They also had a playroom that I got to play basketball in while I was still hooked up to my machine. I got to watch movies in my room, read books and even got a really cool breathing toy! So, it wasn't always scary, because I got to do a lot of fun things. I loved it so much that I've been raising money for the hospital since I was 7. I'm doing it so the kids that are still in the hospital can do the things I got to do!

I have done a lot of things to raise money. I've held a garage sale, sent letters to friends and family, helped clean my friend's bunny cage, passed out glow sticks at Halloween, earned money by following a chore chart, held fundraisers at restaurants, and in 2016, I hosted my first annual walk/run event!! I raised nearly $5,000 at the walk/run, which brought my total raised in 2016 to $10,723.30! My thermometer on here does not reset, so it shows what I've raised since I started this page last year and will just keep going up from there as long as I continue to raise money. I thought it would be really neat to raise at least $5,000 at my walk/run this year, but maybe even higher! I put $20,000 as my goal, which means I'm going to try and raise at least $9,300. I hope I can do it! Would you like to help me?

This year's walk/run was AMAZING!!! Over 140 participants came to support me!! We had so much fun playing the giant sized yard games. Kids that played even got prizes from Children's Star Studio! We had a DJ that was so awesome. He made sure that everyone was having a great time and he played super fun music for us the whole day! Our very own veterinarian sponsored the dog water/treat station, which we really needed because it was hot that day! The dogs loved it and got to take many breaks with water and shade. Just like the first year, Boondox Bar & Grille provided the delicious burgers and hot dogs, which were so yummy after walking and running! And in the end, we had drawings for several prizes, including two amazing grand prizes!! Everyone said they had such a fantastic time and can't wait for next year's event!

Next year's event is going to be even bigger and better! In addition to all the amazing things we had this year, we will also have a photo booth to capture memories of all the fun you'll have, plus we're adding TWO kid races, and a team event!! We don't have all of the details figured out just yet, but we know it'll involve teams deciding on a theme and team name for themselves, then the top teams will win an awesome prize!! We are SO excited to see what everyone will come up with!! The walk/run will be on Saturday, June 2nd at Prairie Park in Otsego. Stay tuned for more details!!


How I became a patient of Children's Hospital....


Our journey at Children's Minnesota began on Mother's Day 2011 when our healthy, vibrant little five year old had an unexpected experience that changed our lives forever. In the blink of an eye, she was fighting for her life. Her daddy and I stood by and watched doctors and nurses work on her around the clock. She was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for a few days undergoing test after test before we received a diagnosis. This felt like an eternity; time has never passed so slowly. Upon being told what she has, there was a moment of "that's it?". For what she had just gone through, we expected the worst. However, we learned that her condition is quite sensitive. 

Julia has Viral Asthma; a rare form. Viruses are her trigger and any of them have the potential of attacking her respiratory system. Being susceptible to any type of virus, we have to exercise caution around every illness. This is difficult at her age. She had a 2 year period of excellent test results and was only on medication when she was fighting a cold (to prevent an asthma flare up), and finally in August we were reluctantly hopeful along with her doctor that she had outgrown her asthma. However, just this March she suffered a setback, and after going through another round of tests, we are back on board with our 24/7-365 asthma plan. We are all feeling disappointed after such a long span of great health, but we know how much worse it could be. Julia is a lucky little girl to have a condition that is so easily treatable. We are very, very blessed.

Her doctor says that one day she should grow out of this. I'll never wish time away, so in the meantime I'll shower her with love, cuddles, blankets, and stuffed animals when she's not well. It feels amazing to think there may come a day when there is no more worry, no more medicine, no more holding our breath when someone sneezes or coughs. Until then, Julia will continue treatment by seeing her pulmonologist every six months where she receives stellar care. We are truly blessed to be guided on this journey by someone who cares so much about our daughter and her future.


Some other fun things to know about me....


  • Wanted to color with the patients on Thanksgiving 2013; can't volunteer until age 14, so I started raising money instead!


  • Got to sign a contract in 2014 promising to try and raise at least $1,000 each year for the next 5 years - so far I've done it!


  • Wrote letters to everyone I know asking if they would like to donate to my fundraiser - even Ellen Degeneres and The Tooth Fairy!


  • Donated 249 of my own books to the hospital - took a tour of the library and learned of all the places my books will be used!


  • Was part of a photo shoot and at-home interview, and ended up being the feature story on Children's 2014 year-end campaign mailing!


  • Earned a plaque on the wall at the Minneapolis hospital for raising over $1,000 my first year! I got to write whatever I wanted on it, so I wrote a message in memory of my cat 'Kitty' and my Nannie's dog, Cedar.


  • Got to be on Children's live in-house T.V. show with 'The Dude' for Thanksgiving 2014 and 2016. We played lots of fun games and got to talk on air with the patients! **Watch for me on June 1, 2017 and November 22, 2017**


  • Held a garage sale in 2015 and raised almost $1,500 in just 2 days! I told lots of people my story and they were really nice.


  • Got to select art pieces done by local artists based on the amount of money I raised in 2015. I chose 3 paintings and they're displayed at the Minneapolis hospital!


  • Was interviewed by Fox 9 News on Thanksgiving Day in 2015 and my story aired that night! This was one of my most favorite things! It was so much fun!


  • Became a member of the Youth Advisory Council for Children's Minnesota in September 2016 and have really enjoyed ALL of the amazing experiences I've had with them (like going to the State Capitol to meet representatives!!). I've also learned so much that I never knew before about the hospital, patients, doctors and nurses, other important staff, medical conditions, and so much more! I love it!!





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