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Your support is appreciated! Help us raise funds for Missing GRACE Foundation by making a generous donation to our Team page. It would mean a lot to us if you would also join us on September 17th to walk, run and remember all these precious babies gone too soon. We hope to help further the important work this organization does for grieving families.

Everlees Story

Our Sweet little Angel Everlee Jo was born 9/8/15. She was 4 pounds 11 oz 16.5 inches long. Perfect in every way. The day we finally got to hold her and kiss her sweet cheeks was the day she opened her eyes in heaven too. A day for Joy a day for sorrow.

We lost Everlee due to medical conditions. Her little heart started to fail because of the previous conditions that were found when I was about 28 weeks along. She and I are were kept under very close monitering, But it was too much for her heart and at 33 weeks I had an emergeny c section. We were told everything was going to be fine that the problems they saw were fixable. Rare yes, but the doctors had every bit of confidence she would be fine. Because of this we didnt ever think she wouldnt. But the day she was born, her lungs just werent strong enough yet, i wokeup to find out she didnt make it. Shok and dismay over took us but I still remeber the first time I held her and the overwhelming amount of joy and love my momma heart had for my little girl. its a moment ill forever hold onto.

We will always be glad we got what we did with our little Everlee. My husband always says "i think with all the medical conditons staking up against her how strong she was to make it to 33 weeks. That was Everlees gift." So we could hold her ,kiss her little forhead. memorize every inch of our perfect daughter. introduce her to her sisters. family and friends. Put a couple of the millions of headbandso her mommy already had for her. a lifetime of memorys stuffed in a couple days. Not enough but still a gift and a blessing.

Im positive there in no greater pain than lossing a child. Your Broken, your lost and One of the things that has helped us get through this hard time is the support of others. Missing Grace is an organization that provides us with that support.  They have these amazing baskets to give to grieving parents full of things to comfort and resourses. among this and many other things Missing Grace provides support groups. I cant tell you how important and wonderful it is To have a safe haven to join together in our losses, learn from each other, cry together, and know that the person sitting next to you understands. this simply has meant the world to me. you need someone to understand, to help you not feel so alone. grief is very isolating.

I want to do everything i can to make sure Missing Grace is around for other families. I so needed them.

Let's help raise money for this important cause and orginaztion. And walkor run in the hope hearts walk to remember and honor my Everlee The little light that keeps shining through all of us. 


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