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Your support is appreciated! Help us raise funds for Missing GRACE Foundation by making a generous donation to our Team page. It would mean a lot to us if you would also join us on September 17th to walk, run and remember all these precious babies gone too soon. We hope to help further the important work this organization does for grieving families.

Team Wyatt Joseph Hauck 2016

Team Wyatt Hauck is walking again this year, which I have had the pleasure doing six out of the eight years that Wyatt has been in Heaven. Chad and I lost our son on August 12, 2008; our lives, our families, and our friends lives were and are forever changed.

The walk continues to be bitter sweet for me as his little brother and little sister walk in the memory of their big brother. Ty is 6 and Lydia is 19 months. As a parent of a stillborn baby every pregnancy is 100% a miracle and it doesn't have any guarantee.
I received a phone call from the Glenwood Hospital this year and they needed a photographer for a family as their son was born sleeping. I was not sure if I mentally would be able to do this as my brain took me back to what I was going through in 2008 replaying in my head. However, I told myself that I could not allow these parents to go through another heartbreak of not having the photographs that they wanted of their son. It is bad enough knowing that they want to have their son back breathing and I could not deny them of not having photographs of their son, Isaiah.
It was a long two hour drive to Glenwood Minnesota as I was trying to prepare my own emotions for this moment; however, I can tell you I have never felt so rewarded on something in my entire life. Baby Isaiah's parents, family, and friends will have the photographs that are forever treasured and they can remember the tiny fingers and toes. I have decided with my photography business that this is something that I will continue to volunteer my time and talent to those parents that are in the same position that I was in eight years ago. I now do Stillbirth Photography, so if you know of someone that is in the need, please provide them with my information and it is 100% free session.
All of us have a journey in life not knowing what the path is until it happens. We handle each event when it arrives and hope for the best. We cannot dwell in the past, but look ahead to the future and what that has to bring. We have the memories to hold, but we still need to enjoy the rest of the ride and what our lives have to offer.
The Missing GRACE Foundation is wonderful in so many aspects. They have and continue to help thousands of families across the world and the Twin Cities Area. It is wonderful knowing that there are hundreds of people that need this Foundation to make them deal, talk, and just vent with no judgments being made and so much support and love from individuals you never met before and it is truly remarkable.
If you have not heard or read our story go to
If you are interested in joining Team Wyatt Joseph Hauck. You can register on-line at and to locate our team page, click here and Wyatt Joseph Hauck.
Visit to learn more about this organization!
Please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate or is in need of this great foundation too!
With Gratitude,
Alison, Chad, Ty, and Lydia Hauck

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