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As many of you know my wife Betsy's organization, Cancer Wellness Connections, provides diversionary activities for adults and children that are undergoing various infusion and chemo treatments that take hours per session of not being able to do much of anything.  

Most of us have been fortunate that we haven't had to undergo this.  As many of my fellow gamers know - yes you, as statistics show 58% of Americans play video games, so chances are, you play something.  How many times have you been engaged in a game and noticed that time just flew by?  Quite the diversion!  Betsy says I barely notice anything...

Please consider sponsoring me to help raise money for this great organization. I plan on playing a number of games on Saturday the 14th, some multiplayer (XBOX - LocoTaskMaster, PlayStation - ChrisDBarrett), so if you want join me to help raise money playing games too - please join us and get sponsors too by creating your own page and send this out to your family and friends for  sponsorship at





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