Remembering Mady

It started with fear. No movement felt by Brenna and a phone call to the doctor. Next came the appointment, the ultrasound, the awkward assistants and techs who didn't know what to say so said the wrong things. The doctor who was very good but unable to do anything but offer sympathy and directions. Fear transitioned into silence. It was a quiet drive home. A quiet hour of packing for a dreaded hospital visit. A quiet drive to the hospital. Silence gave way to grief. Grieving while holding our STILLborn daughter. Grieving on our own. Grieving with our family. Grieving with our friends. Grieving was met by love and support. Love and support from close family and faith family and friends. Love and support that continues in many different ways to today! This is why we participate in the Minnesota Hope and Hearts Run/Walk. As we have journeyed the past 10 years now, we have been met with incredible love and support. We also have become aware that not all parents who have and are experiencing pregnancy loss and/or infertility issues have the same love and support. Missing Grace Foundation, the organization benefiting from MN Hope and Hearts, is that piece for hundred of families every year, thousands since the time we have become aware! This event, in a way, feels like a bigger family reunion. While I don't know all the names, I can relate in some way to the story as others can to mine. The socially awkward moments when others comment on age gaps or when you are asked about having kids or more kids. The drive to have your kids remembered and celebrated. The complicated set of emotions that are experienced as your family continues to grow and you have the stress of raising kids but feel guilty/bad about voicing them. The Minnesota Hope and Hearts Run/Walk is more than a benefit, it's an extended family...that's how Brenna and I see it! Will you help us raise funds for our extended family by donating to Team Mady! Funds go to Missing Grace Foundation which offers incredible support groups, education, resources, care baskets and gifts of remembrance! It would mean a lot to us if you would also join us on September 16th to walk, run and remember all these precious babies gone too soon. We hope to help further the important work this organization does for grieving families.

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