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On Saturday, September 23rd I will take the 100 Wave Challenge for the 8th year.  I do this every year because I see the difference Boys To Men Mentoring makes in the lives of teenage boys. 

Boys to Men is a group mentoring program working with fatherless and high-risk teenage boys in 33 middle schools and high schools across San Diego County.  It is mainly because of the 100 Wave Challenge that has allowed BTM to expand to so many schools.  

I helped BTM start the first school program at Spring Valley Middle School over 8 years ago.  I saw from the start the power of this program by giving boys the support they need in a positive and supportive environment. The power of BTM is giving the boys a place they can be totally honest and knowing that the mentors will be there for them.

I have continued to be a mentor with Boys To Men and am helping them expand to other schools within my district.  I am asking for your support because without it we would not be able to continue to reach boys that have no positive male role models in their lives.  

I have been able to catch 100 waves 6 of the past 7 years.  It is a big challenge but one that is worth the effort in seeing the positive changes the boys are able to make.

What can you do to support me and the boys who need Boys to Men Mentoring in their lives? You can make a donation to my page and help me get the word out about this event and the good we are doing!

Every dollar helps, so please give what you can to help me reach my goal!

Thank you for your support!



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  • Claudia Bender October 2017 $75.00
  • Diane Jason October 2017
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  • Anonymous July 2017 $525.00
  • Mary-Kay Butler September 2017 $250.00
  • Steven Martinez Always happy to support Boys to Men. Thank you for what you do! September 2017 $250.00
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