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As some of you may know, a little over 4 months ago my sister and my brother in law received news that would change their lives—and all our lives—forever. After 37 weeks of pregnancy, their daughter, my beautiful niece, had died. 

They named her Diana Hope, and she wouldn’t be coming home so my daughters could fight over who held her first, or so I can post Snapchat videos of hotdogs dancing next to her while she sleeps. 

They are now raising money for stillbirth awareness and research through the Star Legacy Foundation. 

Donate to Team Uncle Nick, or go through life not being able to live with yourself because you made the wrong choice. (I’m just kidding.... but seriously, don’t be cheap)





My Supporters

  • Vanessa Reznick November 2017 $50.00
  • David Cira Donation from David Cira and Tara Sheils November 2017 $53.00
  • Kevin Barron November 2017 $50.00
  • Carly C November 2017 $53.00
  • Mary Hardy I am so sorry I will not be able to be there in person for this amazing event. I will be thinking of you all as I finish my 25 hrs in the hospital, knowing that many of the families I cared for overnight have gone through or sadly were going through a simi November 2017 $53.00
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  • Kids For Kids Foundation October 2017 $500.00
  • Samson Funding October 2017 $265.00
  • Tradition America Holdings, Inc. October 2017 $250.00
  • Nick Hubert October 2017 $250.00
  • Rich and Kara Darrell November 2017 $212.00
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