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In 2011, I found an artistic home as Associate Artistic Director of NY Shakespeare Exchange.  In the years since, I’ve been immensely proud of not just the art we’ve brought to life, but of the endlessly renewable resource of imagination that has been the seed of everything we’ve done (and will do).  That imaginative spirit put Shakespeare on the bar-tops of pubs throughout NYC (ShakesBEER), has put over 120 Sonnets (and counting) on film and on your computer/smartphone (Sonnet Project NYC - US - International), and guides us every time we set about mounting our mainstages, workshops, and readings.

In the coming year, we want to build that imagination resource upward and outward with a new way to add voices to the conversation.  With new work development through our Diversity Cohort, we will bring together a group of playwrights from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, aiming to reconcile the enduring resonance of classical works with the need to hear from under-represented voices. Our Intersections initiative will look ahead to more communities outside of NYC that might be ripe for a Shakespeare-immersion experience, just like the one we brought to Bryan, TX earlier this year!  And our upcoming Sonnet Project-based teaching resources will give us the chance to empower students around the world to show us how Shakespeare looks through their eyes (and camera-lenses).

Exciting as it is to imagine, we need support of donors like you to make it a reality.  If you believe our work has the power to bring people together and build community and understanding (I hope you do!), please give what you can to support NYSX.

"I can no other answer make but thanks,
And thanks; and ever thanks."

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  • Anonymous Cristina ... it’s me, Molly Sheridan. No need for a shout out. Good luck with this project. 5 days ago $52.00
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