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To tell my whole story is long and honestly hard to do. I gave birth to a beautiful angel on March 4th, 2015. Charlotte Jean is my angel, my butterfly and my little girl. I walk to honor her memory and to help raise money for stillbirth research so that no other family should feel the pain my family and I have. 

I had a normal pregnancy, or so I thought. I delevoped cholestaysis at approx 36 weeks but I had this in my previous pregnancy. I thought I was just in labor, but I was wrong. I went in and was told that my daughter had no heartbeat. I had just seen her playing with her fingers on an ultrasound two days before. This is the day my world stood still. I delivered a beautiful angel sleeping at 38 weeks. 

I am blessed that I got the time I had with her while she was growing inside me. I feel blessed to be her mother and I know that she is watching over our family. I walk to honor this amazing and beautiful little girl.

Mommy loves you Charlotte Jean!





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