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Hello. I volunteered to be a buzzee because I want to help out in any way I can for those that have been, and are currently being affected by cancer. My first experience at seeing cancer first hand was back in 1996 when my Grandma found out she had colon cancer. She went through all the treatments and was given a clean bill of health. In January of 1999 she found out the cancer was back in full force but now in her lymph nodes and there wasn't much that could be done. She put up a good fight for a few months but it became to much for her. Cancer took her life in November of 1999, less than a year after having found out it was back. It has profoundly impacted my life and I miss her every day. She was the first of what has come to be too many people that I've known that have lost their lives to cancer. This is a cause I truly believe in and I appreciate anything you can donate. Thank you for your time and God Bless.





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  • Barb Edwards July 2018 $20.00
  • Kelley Hibbard July 2018 $25.00
  • Brenda Wheeler So awesome that you volunteered to do this! July 2018 $25.00
  • Amy Terstriep July 2018 $25.00
  • Sue Steinkamp Detwiler July 2018 $10.00
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  • State Street Bar & Grill May 2018 $100.00
  • Your Family June 2018 $75.00
  • Paul Davis June 2018 $50.00
  • Keith Saxbery June 2018 $50.00
  • Carol Rees June 2018 $50.00
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