Support Leader (Hot) Dogs for the Blind!

Calling all (hot) dog lovers, 

Thank you all for supporting the 3rd Annual Hot Dog Challenge! We are excited to have you along for this ride as we support this fine organization and continue on our great quest to Make Hot Dogs Great Again. 

Year 2 was one for the ages! With over 500 dogs consumed, $3,000 raised, and hundreds of new friends teaming up to join our cause. We can’t talk about last season without mentioning the fans. We surpassed our target donation goal by more than $1,000! So many people got behind this great cause to help our support of Leader Dogs for the Blind. 

Leader Dogs for the Blind is an organization that helps to empower blind, visually impaired or Deaf-Blind people with lifelong skills for safe and independent travel. All of their services and programs are offered completely free of charge and without the help of any federal or state funding.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 during this season’s challenge for Leader Dogs for the Blind and one of their newest clients in particular. Jeffery Cortese, younger brother of Nicky Cheese, has unfortunately lost his vision over the past few years and is now in the process of applying for his own leader dog. 

  1. Selfless donations - there will be muggles (non-challengers) who are so impressed by our efforts that they will offer support to our cause. 
  2. Individual sponsors - Find a friend who is willing to donate a dollar for every hot dog you eat. Maybe you’ll know someone wealthier than you who you can guilt into $2. Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.00.41 AM.png
  3. Official HDC hats - “Make Hot Dogs Great Again” hats will be sold for $25 during the challenge with a portion going straight towards our target goal. (Any donation of $100 or more will receive a free official HDC hat)
  4. Fines - Rule violations and infractions will result in donation fees. 


  1. All challengers must eat at least one hot dog per day, every day, for the duration of the challenge (Saturday, May 26th - Tuesday, July 4th)
  2. At least one picture or video must be submitted daily of you and your (hot)dog. Snapchat stories are mandatory but also pass along pictures to the Dogfather, Frank Granito, so that you can be considered for Dog of the Day.   
  3. All dogs must be on a bun! No exceptions (This is the Zachary Carl Swanson rule)
  4. The accepted hot dog of the challenge is the all beef frank. 
  • $100 donation fine for abandoning the challenge before completion
  • $25 donation fine for any missed day during the challenge (must have picture or video evidence of at least one dog per day) 
  • $15 donation fine for any dog consumed without a bun
  • $10 donation fine for trying to pass off a sausage as a dog
  • $ 5 donation fine for any dog that is not all beef 

By supportiing this challenge, you are now entering into a fraternity of passionate [hot] dog enthusiasts. Do not take this honor lightly, greatness does not happen by accident. Embrace your love of dogs, both hot and K9, and spread it to as many people as possible. Eating hot dogs is a team sport, and while only so many of us are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be challengers, anyone and everyone can support the cause and enjoy a dog.

Please follow our challenge on Instagram (official_hotdogchallenge) and Snapchat (michalooch) and thank you all!


Fraternity of Dog Enthusiasts





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My Supporters

  • Anonymous Late! July 2018 $100.00
  • Drew Weik 68 Dogs in the books. Till next year fellas July 2018 $107.00
  • Larry Dennis Nice work Parker July 2018 $100.00
  • Kevin Lamere Doggin it for Jeff July 2018
  • Robert Kempner For a cure! July 2018 $10.00
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  • Gerri Cortese Facebook Fundraising June 2018 $2,375.00
  • Kevin and Jackie O'Callaghan Thanks so much for your continued support! July 2018 $500.00
  • Louis Cavaliere FOR JEFF CORTESE FROM THE CAVALIERE FAMILIES June 2018 $500.00
  • Wheels Mara June 2018 $500.00
  • The Hart School PTO For Jeffery Cortese from the Students and Teachers of Hart Magnet School June 2018 $400.00
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