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Avery was born 3 days before Christmas in 2014.  She's one of my favorite Christmas presents EVER!  This morning she laid next to me in bed, held my hand and said, "I just want to love you." And last night when I wouldn't give her my phone she screamed so loud I was certain my ears were bleeding.  She is amazing and funny and sweet but she is stubborn and sassy and demanding and more than a little salty.  I would not change a thing!

When we got the diagnosis at 20 weeks that Avery had Spina Bifida it broke a piece of me.  Even writing this makes me cry because I recall the weeks that followed and how scary it was and how angry I felt.  We were offered an abortion, but I didn't even consider it and I don't want to imagine what the world would be life without Avery.  She makes the world better.  She hugs me so tight that it squishes all the broken peices back together.

This life is still scary.  Sometimes I'm still angry.  But most days she makes me laugh.  She is frustrating, like every other 3 year old I've ever met.  But even when she's at her worst, I can't help but smile because Spina Bifida is not a defect for Avery.  She's perfect in every way.  Her scars are battlewounds of a warrior and they tell a story of her life.  She is not an unwilling bystander, she is strong and overcomes every obstacle and she has been through more than most adults I know and she can still light up a room with her smile.

So, for Avery and all the other kids and adults like her, I ask that you consider a donation for our team, Angels for Avery.  Every little bit counts and it all goes towards the free programs and services that educate and make life a little easier for families that are affected by Spina Bifida.  Spina Bifida doesn't just affect a has an impact on an entire family. 





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