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Lauren and Karla Piriz

The Piriz Family Prion Disease Fundraiser

In Loving Memory of Sonia Piriz and Jose Piriz

NYPD Officer, Jose A. Piriz, passed away in 2014 from a genetic Prion Disease (Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker Disease) at only 36 years old. His mother, Sonia, also passed away from this disease in 2006. Jose left behind a wife, and at the time of his passing, a 2 year old son.

Prion Diseases are classified as 100% fatal neurodegenerative diseases in which there is currently NO CURE or TREATMENTS AVAILABLE. There are three categories of Prion Disease: Familial, Acquired and Sporadic. Since research for this disease is extremely underfunded, it has become the Piriz Family's life mission to help fight against Prion Diseases by raising money for much needed research through the CJD Foundation Family Grants. Donations go towards the "Jose A Piriz and Sonia E. Piriz Memorial Grant" awarded by the CJD Foundation.

Please help support our cause and all those affected by this disease.  





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  • Eric and Barbara Marcinkiewicz 4 days ago $100.00
  • Donna Buonomo You ladies do an amazing job every year. God Bless you!!❤️ 5 days ago $100.00
  • Amanda Mclaughlan and Family What a wonderful thing to do each year in honor of your loved ones. I pray they will find a cure very soon. God bless. 1 week ago $100.00
  • Dyna-Tech Sales Corporation 1 week ago $265.00
  • Dawn Marcinkiewicz 1 week ago $106.00
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  • New York City & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters September 2018 $1,200.00
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